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AIS SIM2Fly SIM Card with Topup

AIS SIM2Fly SIM Card with Topup


SHOREACCESS offers an advanced technological solution tailored for AIS SIM card users, presenting the following notable advantages:


SIM Card with Voucher System: Our SIM cards come with a voucher QR Code system, enabling users to download vouchers as needed. This feature enhances flexibility and convenience for users.


Buy Now and Use the SIM When You Need It: You now have the flexibility to purchase the SIM in advance and activate it at your convenience without concerns about expiry dates. The voucher associated with the SIM has no expiration, providing peace of mind for users.


For Seafarers: Seafarers can benefit by purchasing multiple SIM cards in advance for future use. This allows for seamless connectivity when needed, offering a practical solution for those who may be joining vessels in the future. Additionally, SIM cards can be shared among crew members on board, promoting collaborative connectivity solutions.


For travelers: we provide a range of Data Plans tailored for both Asia and Global coverage, designed to align with your budgetary preferences. Travelers have the option to purchase these plans in advance and activate them just before their flight to the destination. This enables you to connect to the internet immediately upon arrival, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free online experience throughout your journey.



Upon purchase, you will receive the following:

  • SIM Card
  • QR Code Voucher with Instructions


Follow these steps to activate and redeem the voucher:

  1. Instructions: Review the guidelines provided in the QR Code Voucher.
  2. Activation: Follow the instructions to activate the voucher.
  3. Dialing Code: After successfully dialing the provided code, you can now connect to the internet seamlessly.


You also have the option to purchase additional top-ups using the following methods:

1.  Direct Top-Up:

  • The load will be added directly to your SIM, ensuring immediate access to the added value.


2.  Voucher System (Single Users):

  • Utilize the voucher system to purchase a predetermined amount of load in advance.
  • Enjoy the convenience of not worrying about expiry dates associated with the voucher.


3. Voucher System (Multiple):

  • Opt for a batch of vouchers that can be shared among any existing valid AIS Sim2Fly.
  • This feature promotes flexibility and collaborative use among multiple users.


Choose the method that best suits your needs and ensures a seamless experience with AIS Sim2Fly. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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