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Introducing SHOREACCESS Global eSIM Solution, providing an extensive range of options for travelers and seafarers across over 200 destinations. Our offerings include two types of eSIM:


1.    Global eSIM:

·       Quick activation process for travelers.

·       Simply scan and activate for instant internet connectivity.

·       Download and install data packs from 200+ countries/regions.

·       Access instant data plans while abroad.

·       Check data balance online.

·       Choose between a local SIM or regional SIM for your convenience.

2.    AIS SIM2Fly eSIM:

·       A preferred choice for seafarers.

·       Options include a blank SIM or a SIM bundled with a data package.

At SHOREACCESS, we strive to provide seamless connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of both travelers and seafarers, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience wherever your journey takes you.


How to Get Started

How to Get Started
Purchase eSIM
Activate eSIM
Top-up eSIM

Check Device Compatibility

Check Device Compatibilty
  • How to order your products while on board?
    We can deliver to any Ports in the Philippines, Japan, China, Singapore, and Hongkong. To order, please email us at and
  • Is it possible to deliver Via joining crew?
    We can arrange the delivery through your shipping agency. Your order will be hand-carry by joining the crew. Please provide your agency's complete address, the person in charge, and contact number.
  • What are the coverage of GLOBAL WIFI?
    The WIFI can be used to +125 Countries - For coverage and Data Plan please check this link:
  • How are the coverage of CPE 4G Router?
    Enter your answer here

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